Analyzing the Connection Between Community and Environmental Well-Being and the Sustainability of Electric Vehicle (EV) Bus Programming

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Muhamad Nizam Jali
Ahmad Fauzi Ahmad Zaini
, Nan Zakiah Megat Ibrahim
Rizal Effendi Razali
Mohd Nordin Shafie


This study main goal is to investigate how the Electric Vehicle (EV) Bus Program affects sustainability, community well-being, and the environment. Three important criteria are assessed in the study: community well-being, environmental effect, and sustainability. 117 of the questionnaires that the researcher gathered were thought to be valuable for study. The study found a strong and positive relationship between environmental effect and sustainability factors. Furthermore, the study demonstrated a high correlation between sustainability and community well-being. These findings highlight the importance of maintaining the sustainability of the Electric Vehicles (EV) Bus Program and provide insightful information about the key factors.

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