Coswarm-LEACH - Optimal Throughput and Energy Efficiency Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks

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Mythili D
Duraisamy S


This research conducts a comprehensive comparative analysis of energy-efficient routing protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs), emphasizing their role in optimizing the data gathering process. Evaluated protocols, including LEACH, HEED, TEEN, and the innovative CoSwarm-LEACH, leverage effective data ensemble techniques and optimal clustering strategies. Their primary objective is to minimize energy dissipation among sensor nodes while maximizing resource utilization through strategic cluster head elections. By selecting high residual energy nodes, these protocols facilitate energy-efficient routing, enhancing packet delivery rates and reducing overall energy consumption. Experimental analysis demonstrates that the proposed CoSwarm-LEACH protocol surpasses existing energy-balanced routing protocols across metrics such as latency, network overhead, energy consumption, and throughput. The findings underscore the superior performance of CoSwarm-LEACH, showcasing its potential to significantly extend WSNs' network lifetime. The novel protocol emerges as a promising solution, optimizing energy-efficient routing strategies for heightened efficiency and sustainability in WSN operations.

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