Influence of Talent Management Practices on Employee Retention: An Integrative Research Framework in IT Industry

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Sneha R.
B. S. Krishna


The differential value supplied by talented people and their contribution to firms in the complex and hypercompetitive global market has made talent management a key focus for the information technology sector. There is little academic research that looks at the relationship between talent management and outcome variables, even though it has been marketed as a key strategy for keeping outstanding employees. Following the pandemic, the IT sector is seeing a high rate of turnover, which has a substantial financial impact on businesses and adverse effects. The information technology sector has begun to regard talent management (TM) as a strategic lever to improve organizational performance by retaining talented personnel. The Resource-Based View (RBV) theory and the Social Exchange Theory(SET) are used in the current study to examine the relationship between talent management and employee retention. Turnover and talent retention are major problems in India's information technology sector. Even though employee retention has been a significant research area, only a few studies have been done on TM and employee retention in the Indian IT sector. The study explored hypotheses to look at the causal association between TM practices and employee retention after reviewing the literature in the associated subject. The study's findings indicated that TM practices in the IT sector had a big impact on staff retention. This article may help define the course for future talent management research and aid managers in comprehending the critical contributions that talent management techniques make to the outcomes of talent management.

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