Empowering Futures: A Comprehensive Analysis of Student Entrepreneurship Awareness and Perception in Higher Education

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Sajeesh T. J.


This study investigates the crucial role of student entrepreneurship in fostering economic growth, particularly in developing nations, where successful small businesses are key drivers of job creation and poverty reduction. Despite facing challenges such as resource scarcity and limited business knowledge, young entrepreneurs play a vital role in shaping economic development. Focused on college students, this study aims to understand attitudes towards student entrepreneurship, emphasizing its significance in education and mind-set development. Utilizing a sample of 100 respondents, data collection involves questionnaires and website analysis. Findings reveal a keen interest in entrepreneurship despite financial constraints, highlighting opportunities for educational support and policymaker intervention to nurture student entrepreneurship initiatives and promote socio-economic development. The study provides valuable insights into the demographic and attitudinal characteristics of the surveyed population, emphasizing the need for fostering an entrepreneurial mind-set among student The regression analysis supports the hypotheses, revealing that awareness, attitude, and perception significantly and positively influence the willingness to start a business, highlighting their crucial roles in entrepreneurial intentions.

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