Customer Awareness and Utilization of Banking Ombudsman Schemes in Kerala: A Survey-Based Research

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Haritha S. H.
K. Govindarajan


This research study investigates the interplay of moderating and mediating effects in the relationship between customer awareness and utilization of Banking Ombudsman Schemes in Kerala. Utilizing a survey-based research design, data were collected from a random sample of bank customers in various regions of Kerala. A confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) was conducted to assess the fit of the proposed model and to examine the hypothesized moderating and mediating relationships. The results indicate a significant positive association between customer satisfaction and the utilization of Banking Ombudsman Schemes, underscoring the significance of prioritizing customer support services. However, customer awareness was found to have no significant direct impact on utilization, emphasizing the need for effective awareness campaigns. Additionally, the study did not find evidence supporting the moderating role of customer satisfaction or the mediating role of reasons for approach in the relationship between customer awareness and utilization. The CFA fit indices suggest an overall acceptable fit of the model to the data, supporting the proposed relationships. The findings contribute valuable insights for banks and regulatory authorities in enhancing customer engagement with the Ombudsman services in Kerala, while also pointing to the importance of considering other factors that may influence the utilization of these services. Further research to explore alternative mediating and moderating factors is recommended to provide a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics involved in the relationship between customer awareness, satisfaction, and utilization of Banking Ombudsman Schemes. 

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