Advancements in Herbal Biotechnology: Unlocking Natural Solutions for Cancer Therapy

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Girish R. Pathade, Shilpa S. Ruikar, Prakash G. Ghewari


Gene therapy represents a transformative frontier in cancer treatment, offering novel approaches to combat the disease at its genetic roots. This paper provides an overview of the current landscape, challenges, future directions, and ethical considerations in gene therapy for cancer treatment. Cutting-edge innovations, including CAR-T cell therapy, gene editing technologies, oncolytic viruses, RNA interference, and personalized medicine approaches, are explored in the context of their potential to revolutionize cancer care. Challenges such as safety, efficacy, delivery optimization, regulatory considerations, and access to therapy are discussed, along with opportunities for collaboration and innovation. Looking ahead, emerging trends in enhancing specificity, harnessing the immune system, advancing personalized medicine, and exploring novel targets hold promise for shaping the next generation of gene-based cancer therapies. Ethical considerations related to equitable access, informed consent, genetic privacy, and societal implications are also addressed, highlighting the importance of responsible and ethical practices in gene therapy research and clinical care. Overall, gene therapy offers unprecedented opportunities to transform cancer treatment, with the potential to improve outcomes and quality of life for patients affected by this devastating disease.

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