Determinants of Postpartum Amenorrhea Duration in Rural Manipur: A Retrospective Analysis

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Khundrakpam Indubala Devi
Salam Opendra Singh


Postpartum amenorrhea (PPA) plays a crucial role in determining birth intervals. This study aims to explore the determinants influencing the duration of PPA. A cross-sectional, community-based study was conducted on 729 ever-married women with at least one live birth in rural areas of four valley districts of Manipur, employing cluster sampling. Data was collected between July 2022 and February 2023. Survival analysis was employed for analysing censored data. The median duration of PPA was found to be 6 months. A significant positive correlation was observed between the duration of PPA and breastfeeding duration (P<0.01). Infant mortality, particularly the death of a previous child during infancy, also had a significant impact on the duration of amenorrhea. Socio-economic factors such as family income and religious affiliation (Islam) also played a significant role. In conclusion, factors including infant mortality, feeding practices, breastfeeding duration, family income, and religion were identified as significant contributors to variations in PPA duration.

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