Fabrication, Characterization and in Vitro Assessment of Gastroretentive Mucoadhesive Microspheres of Boswellic Acid Isolated from Boswelliaserrata Resin

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Kunal Arora
P. Manikandan
Payal Dasgupta
Fahim Ansari
CharulataTushar Nemade
Hitesh Vishwanath Shahare
Sonali A. Bhagat


The purpose of this study is to design and evaluate formulations of gastroretentive mucoadhesive microspheres that loads boswellic acid. Heat stabilisation and single-phase emulsification were used to prepare the mucoadhesive microspheres. The process of chemical stabilisation emerged as a quick and easy way to fabricate microspheres loaded with Boswellic acid. This approach generated microspheres with a high drug encapsulation efficiency, adequate manufacturing yield, and batch-to-batch repeatability. The best and optimized formulation among all might be regarded as microspheres with a drug and polymer ratio of 1:2 (MC2) as it has the greatest mucoadhesive and drug release properties.

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