"Sustainable Sourcing and Supply Chain Management in The Food Industry”

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Dhiraj Pathak
Sumant Sharma


Effective supply chain management techniques and sustainable sourcing are becoming more and more important in the food business. This shift is driven by increasing demands from both consumers and stakeholders, who are calling for greater transparency and responsibility from companies in the field. The food industry is confronted with a range of sustainability challenges, including issues related to climate change, food waste, and social responsibility.

To address these challenges, many companies have adopted sustainable sourcing and supply chain management strategies. Their goals are to minimize their environmental impact, enhance their social contributions, and comply with regulatory requirements. Scholars, decision-makers, and business leaders have all expressed a great deal of interest in this subject and are investigating novel strategies for sustainable sourcing and supply chain management in the food sector.

This paper aims to give an overview of the main issues and difficulties related to supply chain management and sustainable sourcing in the food sector. It also makes suggestions for improving sustainability practices. Covering subjects including sustainability, ethical sourcing, waste reduction, and supply chain innovation, this review study aims to offer a thorough overview of supply chain management techniques and sustainable sourcing within the food business. The study includes a thorough review of both academic and industry literature and concludes with practical recommendations for improving these practices.

The study's findings emphasize the importance of addressing sustainability and social responsibility concerns in the food industry and highlight the potential for innovation and technology to drive positive changes. All things considered, policymakers, business executives, and other stakeholders who wish to support sustainable sourcing and supply chain management techniques in the food sector will find great information in this review study.

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