Assessing Intellectual Property Rights Awareness among College Faculty

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Dr. Seena P P


: Awareness of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) is crucial in higher education, where protecting research, innovations, and creativity is paramount. This study aims to assess Intellectual Property Rights Awareness among College Faculty, recognizing the growing research culture among faculty members. Based on a sample of 120 college faculties from the University of Kannur in Kerala, the research employs a descriptive and analytical approach, utilizing a structured questionnaire for data collection and multiple regression for analysis. The findings underscore the significant influence of knowledge of intellectual property, attitudes towards it, and participation in seminars or workshops on the awareness of IP rights. The study's objectives include evaluating factors shaping awareness of intellectual property rights and examining the impact of knowledge, attitude, and seminar/workshop participation on this awareness. Through this research, a deeper understanding of intellectual property rights awareness among college faculty members is sought, contributing to the cultivation of a more informed and responsible academic community in navigating intellectual property landscapes

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