The Wind Energy Potential in Iraq: A Case Study of Several Specific Locations in Iraq.

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Raheem Alhamdawee
M. Manzoor Hussain


Wind energy is a prevalent and sustainable source of electricity generation, employed worldwide. This paper assesses the Possibility of exploiting wind power for electricity production in Iraq. Daily wind speed data from ten strategically selected stations across Iraq, spanning from the first of January 2022 to the thirtieth of December 2022, was analyzed for three altitudes: 10, 50, and 100 meters, obtained from the Iraqi Meteorological Organization and Seismology, and the data has been enhanced from NASA's website for various locations. The data was analyzed to obtain the mean wind speed (MWS) and the standard deviation. After that, The wind power(WP) and the wind power density(WPD) were calculated using the method of graphical to obtain the parameters of Weibull. Finally, by the regression statistical analysis correlation method for whole locations, the most efficient results were in Amara, the mediocre at Baghdad (Airport), and the most down value was in Mosul (Mosul).

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