Significance of Maternal and Paternal Relationship in Their Children’s Self-Esteem

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Syed Muaz Ahmad
Dr. Shadab Ahamad Ansari


Parents-child relationship is very important for the child positive development, so if the child didn’t have good relationship with their parents they have low self-esteem. The purpose of this research is to examine the effect of maternal and paternal child relationship on the self-esteem of the children. To attain the objective of this research an Ex-post-facto research design was planned. A total of 200 children, age ranging from 10 to 16 years, were recruited form normal families living in Meerut city. Rosenberg Self-esteem Scale and Parent-child relationship Scale were used to assess the self-esteem level and positive/negative parental relationship. The results of this study revealed that loving, rewarding, and symbolic as well as object rewarding parental relationship significantly and positively affect the self-esteem, whereas punishing, rejecting and neglecting parental relationship significantly and negatively affect the self-esteem of their children.

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