Solar Mount Design Using High-Density Polyethylene

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Dr. Shweta Sadanand Salunkhe
Dr. Altaf O. Mulani


The abstract gives a novel approach to solar mount design utilizing High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) as the primary material. HDPE's inherent properties, such as weather resistance, lightweight, and ease of fabrication, make it an attractive alternative to traditional materials like metal or concrete. The design concept revolves around modularity and adjustability, allowing for easy customization to accommodate different panel sizes, tilt angles, and installation environments. The modular components, including base plates, support beams, and panel clamps, are designed for seamless integration and compatibility with existing racking systems. Adjustable features enable optimization of solar panel tilt angles for maximum energy generation, while structural calculations ensure adequate load-bearing capacity to withstand environmental stresses. Commissioning solar PV projects is now largely necessary due to the depletion of fossil fuel supplies and the rise in energy demand. The issue with renewable energy sources, such as solar power, which is infinite, free, environmentally benign, and sustainable, is that they require land, which is always a costly resource. Therefore, a novel solution to this issue would be to attach portable solar module mount solar power plants above houses rooftops, and additional structures. This paper addresses the design and development of solar photovoltaic systems using numerical analysis and emphasizes the idea of a portable solar PV plant. HDPE is a material that is cost-effective and exhibits outstanding performance when used to make portable components. The structure is subjected to CFD research to investigate flow and evaluate the pressure of wind for the created design under Indian climatic circumstances. The wind pressure analytical computations generated by IS 875 codes part 3 have been evaluated and validated with the CFD findings. To guarantee structural stability under the specified environmental conditions, structural FE analysis is also performed.

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