World Experience and Educational Opportunities for the Formation of Ecological Moral Competence in Students

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Jahongir Hamrokulov


In the conditions of the acceleration of global environmental problems in the world, it is one of the important tasks of today to treat nature and society on the basis of high humane and ethical criteria from an ecological point of view. With the global ecological situation on the brink of destruction, the problems of educating the ecological characteristics of human qualities, the trend of environmentalization of social relations determine new tasks of education. Hence, it is a priority to research the ethical aspects of ecological activities and work on the basis of specific strategies. These aspects put the development of eco-ethical competence in students through integrative methods in the framework of pedagogy and other social sciences. This article discusses the emergence, development, importance of ecological ethics and the criteria of eco-ethics in the countries of the world. Specific methods and characteristics of developing eco-ethical competence in students during the educational process are compared and researched.

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