Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: A new Therapeutic Approach for Mixed Anxiety and Depression

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Divyangana Yadav
Monica Sharma


Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is one of the third wave therapy which is gaining more and more popularity due to its primary focus on identifying the values which are integral to the human existence and trying to base the behaviour on it rather than trying to change the cognitions or overt behaviors. In this case study a client diagnosed with mixed anxiety and depression underwent ACT for symptom reduction.  

Rationale: ACT at its core focuses on the value system an individual possesses which should be the driving force behind an individual’s actions. When a person is suffering from MADD, it is an established fact that the client is experiencing severe conflicts with the past and future. As ACT incorporates mindfulness component as well, it helps the client to identify their value system and take actions in accordance with the value finally which results in the conflicts resolution. By doing this the individual is able to live a meaningful life and thus it can be considered as a potential treatment for the diagnosis in question.

Aims-To explore the efficacy of online ACT in symptom reduction. Tools employed: Beck Depression Inventory (Beck et al., 1996) and Beck Anxiety Inventory (Beck, Epstein, Brown, & Steer,1988). Single case study design was employed.

Results- A significant reduction in the levels of anxiety and depressive symptoms post therapy were reported. Conclusion- Online ACT is effective in symptom reduction.

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