Use of Innovative Device for Controlling Wandering Animals to Enhance Road Safety

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Amol Phatak, V. Srinivasa Rao


One of the important aspects of vehicular security is contolling the wandering animals on highways to avoid road accidents.  The proposed invention provides wandering animals controlling system that consists of sensors such as cameras and infrared detectors strategically placed along the roads. These sensors detect the presence of wandering cows within their range. The information collected by these sensors is then transmitted to a central control unit. The central control unit processes the sensor data and triggers appropriate actions to prevent accidents. It communicates with warning signs equipped with LED lights and audible alarms, placed at strategic locations along the road. When a wandering cow is detected, the warning signs are activated to alert drivers of the potential hazard ahead. Additionally, the control unit can interface with barriers or gates that can be automatically activated to restrict animal movement and prevent them from entering the road. By employing this device, the aim is to enhance road safety by providing timely warnings to drivers and implementing measures to control the movement of wandering cows, ultimately reducing the risk of accidents caused by encounters with these animals.

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