Charting the Course of Fashion: Harmonizing with Human Rights Standards via Environmental Sustainability Initiatives

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Navtika Singh Nautiyal
Ripal Gupta
Nandita Chaube


Fashions are one of the parts of lifestyle and life status for human beings. This life status has been a costlier to us as it is deteriorating environment that directly affects to basic human rights. At the era of 20th century we have come to a notion with sustainable development and inclusive role of every stake holders who impacted on environment has be responsible for their actions. Our lifestyle has to be sustainable with environmental rights. Textile industry affects environment from its manufacturing process till its wastage in the water and on ground. There has to be laws and policies that defines what are the roles of fashion brands in every stage of their operation that impacts environmental human rights. Several nations have made laws or regulation on fashion brands to respect environment while doing their business. This complex situation to make them responsible for environment directly by statutory and voluntarily can be done though business and human rights standards. These guidelines will be pivotal to recognize their duties in their conducts to respect human rights wherever they are working. These guidelines will show direction to the governments to make rules for the companies concerning environmental rights and environmental sustainability.

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