Study on Agricultural Runoff Causing Heavy Metal Contamination in Surface Waters

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Sravani Pericherla
Saritha Vara


: In recent years, the detrimental effects of agricultural practices on water quality have gained increasing attention. Heavy metal contamination stemming from agricultural runoff has emerged as a significant factor contributing to the degradation of surface water. This comprehensive study takes a deep dive into ecqualogy in surface waters resulting from agricultural runoff. It not only evaluates the extent of contamination but also assesses its profound impact on water quality. Furthermore, the research diligently identifies the sources of pollution, shedding light on the origins of heavy metal contamination in agricultural areas. It employs meticulous data collection and laboratory analysis, ensuring a robust foundation for its findings. Notably, the research doesn't stop at ecological implications but delves into the potential human health effects. Through analysis, it uncovers the health implications associated with heavy metal contamination, underscoring the interconnectedness of environmental and public health concerns. One key finding highlighted in this study is to pollutigate the season efficacy. Ultimately, the analysis reinforces the imperative for continuous monitoring and proactive measures to safeguard our precious water resources. It underscores the need for ongoing efforts to protect against the multifaceted challenges posed by heavy metal contamination in agricultural areas.

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