A Cretical Review on Advanced Oxidation Processes (Aops) for Wastewater Treatment

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P. Chanikya
M.V. Raju
D. Syam Babu
K.Maria Das
M. Satish Kumar


Advanced oxidation processes (AOPs) constitute important, promising, efficient and environmentally friendly methods developed to principally remove persistent organic pollutants (POPs) from waters and wastewaters. Generally, AOPs are based on the in-situ generation of a powerful oxidizing agent, such as hydroxyl radicals (•OH), obtained at a sufficient concentration to effectively decontaminate waters. The main types of AOPs, based on electrochemical reactions, are explained in detail and broadly in this critical summary of the present work. Based on indicates, these AOPs perform well for break down and reducing particulate matter in lakes and rivers and for purifying water and wastewaters.

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