Nightlife and Environmental Consciousness: Perspectives of Young Adults in Chennai

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Nidhin G.
Clayton Michael Fonceca
Maria Antony Raj


This study explores the attitudes, behaviours, and preferences of young adults towards environmentally friendly practices within urban nightlife settings in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Drawing upon an exploratory research design, data was collected from 541 young adults aged 18-35 through purposive sampling and analyzed using statistical techniques. The findings reveal diverse perspectives among youth regarding environmental consciousness in nightlife activities, with significant correlations found between environmental attitudes and nighttime behaviours. Specifically, higher levels of environmental consciousness were associated with increased participation in eco-friendly nightlife practices, including seeking out sustainable venues, appreciating surroundings, and engaging in nature-centric activities. These findings underscore the importance of promoting sustainable behaviours and fostering environmental awareness among young adults in urban nightlife contexts. The study's implications for policy-making, urban planning, and future research are discussed, emphasizing the need for targeted interventions to create more environmentally conscious and youth-friendly nightlife environments.

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