Caste and Nationalism: An Overlook on Tamil Nationalist Movements and the Caste in Sri Lanka

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Vigetharan A.
C. Subramanian


Caste has become a Major crisis in Lanka. The people from various social institutions and various movements have approached this issue in many different ways. The caste affects and plays a vital role in the livelihood of Tamil Eezham people who live in Sri Lanka as well as in Tamil Nadu. The Tigers and the Sri Lankan government decided to reopen the Jaffna Library, Later it was banned by the same LTTE movement. They give various reasons for the ban but the major reason is considered to be the caste. So, did the Tigers ban the reopening of the Jaffna Library because of the caste? How did the Tigers dealt with the caste issues in the society? The answers for the questions will be discussed in detail in this paper. The reasons behind the ban of the Library reopening and the caste crisis involved in this ban will be dealt with in detail. The authenticity of Tigers in the caste based issues and this ban will be dealt with in this research paper.

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