Households’ Awareness and Participation in Sustainable Waste Management

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Prof. Mohamed Atef Elhamy Kamel
Prof. Mohamed Wahba Ibrahim Khalil


The city is the place that accommodates the needs of society now and in the future. However, meeting these increasing needs while addressing environmental threats requires a collaborative approach. This research aims to evaluate the awareness level of citizens in Makkah, Saudi Arabia, regarding waste management practices. In addition, it aims to study the willingness of the local community to engage in managing waste. The research adopted a descriptive and inductive approach to identify the possibilities and challenges of community participation in this issue. A questionnaire survey investigated citizens' awareness of environmental issues and their current and potential contribution to waste management initiatives. The findings revealed a strong interest among Makkah citizens in contributing to waste management initiatives. Furthermore, the study found that cultural and personal norms are the most important reason for not segregating household waste.

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