A Review of TAScope's Transformative Impact in Anesthesiology Practices

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R. Kaaviya
K. V. L. Sanjana
Lakshmi R


The TAScope, a groundbreaking videolaryngoscope, represents a substantial advancement in airway management in the field of anesthesiology. It offers improved vision, safety, and operational efficiency compared to traditional laryngoscopy techniques. This review examines the design and application benefits of TAScope, highlighting its crucial role in enhancing the success rates of intubation, especially in difficult airway situations. The TAScope is a flexible tool that is both cost-effective and adaptable, making it suitable for use in resource-limited contexts as well as advanced healthcare settings. The influence of this extends beyond just the therapeutic outcomes. It also promotes educational opportunities and teamwork in airway management practices by providing real-time visualisation and advice. Although TAScope faces obstacles in achieving general adoption, like as technical and training restrictions, its potential integration with advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and telemedicine indicates a promising future for its use in anesthesiology. This study emphasises the need for ongoing research and development to effectively utilise TAScope's capabilities and incorporate it into conventional airway management protocols. This will ensure that it is more widely available and will improve patient care in many clinical settings.

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