Game-Based Educational Monopoly (Monotif) to Improve Early Childhood Cognitive Abilities in Arithmetic

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Nancy Riana
Feronica Eka Putri


The aim of the study was to produce game based MONOTIF media to stimulate children's cognitive abilities in counting. Involve 12 early childhood children aged 5-6 years. The instrument used was a questionnaire with a Liker scale of 1 to 4. Children were given interventions for 8 meetings with a time span of 1 meeting lasting 90 minutes. Data analysis techniques with percentage calculations. The results of the study show that children can significantly improve cognitive abilities in arithmetic through game based MONOTIF media. Children who are enthusiastic in participating in the game. Game-based instructional not only improves cognitive abilities but can also increase children's involvement in learning. Learning by playing becomes a child can adapt to the environment. Limitations of the sample research used is still very small, it needs to be used with a larger sample.

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