Ethnobotanical Study of Important Medicinal Plants in Barwani District (M.P.)

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Arpita Soni
Manohar Khatarkar
Leena Shrivastava
Vibhash Richariya
Jitendra Malviya


Our aim of the study is to compile plants used for the treatment of Oral health occurrence in study area. Fieldwork was undertaken in a period of almost one year in Barwani district. Open-ended and semi structured questionnaire was used to interview a total of 50 people including traditional healers and local people. A total of 16 species of used for Oral health which might be dispensed in 8 genera belonging to 6 households maximum of the species have been belonging to Leguminosae own family. Chances of various growth forms are Herbs are 29% shrubs are 26% and tree are 45% discovered inside the study region. Leguminosae are maximum dominant circle of relatives. 2 species bark, 1 species branch node, 1 species flower, 3 species fruit, 2 species leaf, 5 species root, 6 species seeds, and 11 species stems are used for oral care. Stem were the most cited plant part used against oral care. Most of the said species have been timber in nature and stem by and large used externally. Our survey represents the preliminary statistics of certain medicinal plants having neutralizing results in opposition to oral care though in addition phytochemical investigation, validation, and medical trials ought to be carried out before the usage of these plants.

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