Climate of Continuous Learning Practices Among Private Sector Banking Employees

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P. Swetha
V. Vasikar


In a modern economy, banks are to be considered not as dealers in money but as the leaders of development. They play an important role in the mobilization of deposits and disbursement of credit to various sectors of the economy. The banking system reflects the economic health of the country. The strength of an economy depends on the strength and efficiency of the financial system, which in turn depends on a sound and solvent banking system. The current process of transformation should be viewed as an opportunity to convert Private bank into a sound, strong and vibrant system capable of playing its role efficiently and effectively on their own without imposing any burden on government. At juncture the employees’ continuous learning system is very essential and vital role in private banking sectors, so this study focuses to employees opinion regarding banking climate how for helpful to Continuous learning practices in private banking sectors.

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