Development of Multilayered Niosomal Transdermal Patch of Lamotrigene Drug

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Abhay Sagare
Reenu Yadav
Vinod Gautam
Savita Yadav
Jyotiram Sawale
Jitendra Malviya


Niosomes are self-assembled vesicular nanocarriers obtained by hydration of synthetic surfactants and appropriate amounts of cholesterol or other amphiphilic molecules. Just like liposomes, niosomes can be unilamellar or multilamellar, are suitable as carriers of both hydrophilic and lipophilic drugs and are able to deliver drugs to the target site. Furthermore, niosomal vesicles, that are usually non-toxic, require less production costs and are stable over a longer period of time in different conditions, so overcoming some drawbacks of liposomes. The transdermal route of drug administration ensures systemic delivery of drug by applying a drug formulation onto intact and healthy skin thus ensuring sustained drug release and bypass of first-pass metabolism. Thus the aim of the study is to develop antiepileptic drugs loaded niosomal transdermal patchas an effective substitute for the existing maintenance therapies used for controlling epileptic seizures. The transdermal route for the treatment eliminates major side effects of oral medication and showed better effect. This also bypasses the liver metabolism of drug for maintaining the plasma concentration in blood for longer period of time.

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