Evaluation of Mosquito Repellent Activity of Marigold Petals Extract

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Aarti Nandwana
Shivani Khoware
Pushpanjali Chourasiya
Deepti Andheriya Modi
Shikha Nagle
Akhilesh Bilaiya
Ishan Dubey


Diseases like yellow fever, dengue fever, malaria, epidemic poly arthritis etc. caused by mosquito. Every year about 700 million people get a mosquito-borne illness resulting in over 725,000 deaths according to the WHO.1 Many treatments available for malaria and other mosquito transmitted disease for prevent them. Various topical or other applicable mosquito repellent to repel, the mosquito targeted area to bit and infected to health, it’s prepared by synthetically and naturally.2 Various synthetic repellents contain to more chemicals especially DEET they effect to skin disorder like-irritation and smell to toxic and more harmful risk for children.3 In this work, naturally mosquito repellent was prepared by using marigold plant. Activity of flower extract was evaluated for mosquito repellency. The present study reports the studies directed towards the safe and efficient herbal mosquito repellent activity of ether extract of flower petals of marigold.

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