Analysis of Teachers' Performance Analysis of State 7 Vocational Secondary Schools of South Konawe District

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Eeng Ahman
Janah Sojanah
Rofi Rofaida


This research aims to describe and determine the Performance Analysis of South Konawe State Vocational High School Teachers. The data analysis method used is a qualitative method using descriptive analysis tools. There were four informants in this study. The results of this research conclude that the quantity of results and quality of results carried out by teachers requires planning, focus, and evaluation of each work, such as by creating a priority scale. The quality of work requires evaluation with every work carried out by teachers because basically, the work will have several errors which must continue to be evaluated, and minimize these errors to improve the quality of work. Leadership, to improve the leadership spirit of students, some teachers give assignments, because when doing assignments. Learning initiatives from students include teachers motivating students to make the best use of their time at home for studying and not just playing, giving grades as feedback when children carry out learning, and giving rewards, this can be given well parents or teachers as motivation for children to learn. If you build students' creativity, one of the teachers can explain it in various ways by always guiding and motivating children, giving direction that creativity is good for children. For example, someone who can create useful work is like a designer.

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