Investigation of Anti-Hyperlipidemic and anti-diabetic Activity of Nimbin in Wistar Rat

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Pavan Kumar Padarthi
Bhuvaneshwari Yogesh Rane
Touseef Begum
B. Lavanya
Aanchal Misra
Mohd Ruman Khan
Sonali A. Bhagat
Vijay Dhondiram Wagh


Finding out whether Nimbin anti-hyperlipidemic and Anti-diabetic Activity effects are at work when administered orally in doses of 2 or 4 mg was the driving force for this study. Hyperlipidemia is becoming more common at a frightening pace. Hyperlipidemia is a medical condition that is rapidly becoming more common. At the present rate of rise, one-third of the population will have diabetes by 2050, and hyperlipidemia will impact almost 30 million Americans by the same year. We tested the anti-hyperlipidemic activity using the Dexamethasone and Triton induced hyperlipidemia paradigm. Oral dosage of 4 mg/kg is more efficacious than oral administration of 2 mg/kg in cases of hyperlipidemia. Nimbin shows promising anti-hyperlipidemic benefits when given intramuscularly at doses of 2 or 4 mg/kg, as shown in the trials.

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