Effect of Pyocyanin Extracted from Pseudomonus Aeruginosa on the Testicular Tissue in a Mouse Model

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Zainab K. Abd aljalil
Kawakib I. Al-zubaidy
Alaa S. Kadhim


The current study aimed to find out the histopathological effects of pyocyanin pigment extracted from the Pseudomonas aeruginosa on testicular tissue by studying the histopathological changes in the testes of laboratory mice injected with a concentration of 500 µg/ml of pyocyanin for 30 days. The results of the histological microscopic examination showed the presence of a number of pathological changes , which were represented after four days of injection by the occurrence of simple cytoplasmic fragmentation of spermatogonia, accumulation of fluid between the seminiferous tubules, and congestion of testicular tissue with the presence of cellular necrosis, loss of some nuclei, their karyopykinosis and degeneration in other cases, and a decrease in the number of mature spermatozoa in the tubular lumen and loss of cellular development of spermatogonia, as well as the cessation of the mitotic activity of spermatogonia and the accumulation of lipid droplets within the tissue. Cases of programmed cell death and detachment of the germinal layer were also observed, in addition to the complete loss of the normal shape of the stages of development of spermatogonia, as well as necrosis of the spermatogenic layers.

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