The Head of School's Perspectives on Enhancing In-Service Teachers’ Productivity Participating in Training Programs

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Dr. Rinkal Sharma


In-Service training programs for in-service teachers are essential parts of educational establishments' professional development. When assessing teachers’ performance and pinpointing areas for growth, head of the schools’ views, experiences are essential and offers an assessment of these initiatives from the viewpoint of the Head of the schools. This study intends to offer insights into of the current in-service teachers’ training programs, as well as suggestions for improving their quality, through Questionnaire survey with head of the schools of south district of Delhi. The discussion section offers strategies for improvement as well as an analysis of the findings' implications for teacher education programs. 95.5% of respondents agree that training programs are important and of high quality, indicating that in-service teachers are the intended beneficiaries of these programs for both their professional development and the benefit of their students and schools. A smaller sample size and the majority of female respondents have prompted the consideration of additional recommendations, including the possibility of conducting comparative study.

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