The Importance of Micronutrients in Utilization of Beneficial Air Temperature of Soybean Varieties

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Khayrullaev Sardor Shamsiddin ugli
Kurbonov Akhmad Alavkhonovich
Choriev Odil Bakhtiyor ugli
Kamalova Nuriya Shamilievna


In this paper, Information is given about importance of micronutrients on growth, development and embezzle of useful temperature in the atmosphere. According to the information, it was observed that the vegetation period was different under the influence of macro fertilizers and micronutrients, under influence of sulfur the vegetation period was shortened to 108-110 days in the Orzu variety, to 132-130 days in the Nafis variety, and, on the contrary, under the influence of manganese, it was extended to 110-113 days in the Orzu variety, and to 132-135 days in the Nafis variety, in turn, it was determined that this is directly related to the absorption of useful temperature by the plant and that under the influence of sulfur, it absorbed relatively little useful temperature due to the shortening of the effective period, and under the influence of manganese, the sum of useful temperature was high due to the extension of the effective period.

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