An Experimental Evaluation of Robo Sand and Silica Fume Influence on Mechanical Properties of High-Performance Concrete

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P. Parthiban
K. Bala Gopikrishna
M. Jayaram
Asadi.Sai Namratha Reddy
SS. Asadi


One of the key elements used in the manufacture of concrete is river sand. HPC is a concrete with a unique combination of overall performance and homogeneity requirements that can't be consistently achieved robotically with standard parts and mixing. Natural sand is growing more expensive as a result of its widespread use in building. As a result, instead of river sand, synthetic sand known as ROBOSAND is used to meet the concrete specifications. Many studies have shown that fly ash can substitute cement up to 35 percent, according to the American Concrete Institute. In this study, the evaluation of M80 and M90 grades is used to determine the overall performance characteristics of concrete.

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