Prospective Economic Security in Small Enterprises in Uzbekistan

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Firuza Bayboboeva Nabijonovna


Real sector branches and enterprises in the country's economy that it has a very large place, stable economic growth and economic security It is well known that the provision is largely related to their development became more evident in the financial and economic crisis. In this article it has been studied small company’s economic effectiveness from social protection issues. For an empirical analysis it is used secondary source data Statistics Agency under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Main results can be denoted that few statistically significance relationship p<0.05 level. In conclusion it can be clarified that for a share of the total GDP, and export of the country small companies contributes social benefits to employers. For the statistically analysis we used OLS model and Pearson and Spearman correlation tests. While it has been used Swilk normality test for distribution.

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