“Modernizing the Learning of Biology, Particularly Endocrinology, Through Interactive Technology: Points of View from Moroccan University Students”

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Oumaima Azzi
Rachid Janati-Idrissi
Rajae Zerhane


This study aims to discover the constraints or obstacles encountered by Moroccan students in their learning of endocrinology. Students from several Moroccan universities enrolled in life and earth sciences as well as those enrolled in other fields where this subject is taught collaborated in the realization of this research. To list the concepts or chapters likely to pose learning problems in endocrinology, we used the Nominal Group Technique (NGT). In fact, in our context, the NGT consisted of a method of generating ideas allowing to have a specific view on the difficulties and the obstacles encountered by the learners in the course of endocrinology. The conclusions resulting from this NGT, made it possible to develop the questionnaire published online on Google Forms. Indeed, the results showed that Moroccan students encounter several constraints in their learning of endocrinology. Thus, the insufficiency of its hourly volume, the non-realization of practical work and tutorials as well as the complexity of the content of this course are the real constraints preventing our students from adequately learning this subject. These results also illustrated that the absence or low use of ICT in class does not facilitate the understanding of this course by students. In addition, the results of this survey show that the students consulted have difficulty understanding several concepts in the endocrinology course relating to: cell signaling and communication, modes of signal transmission and hormonal regulation.

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