IoT Based Soil, Water and Air Quality Monitoring System for Pomegranate Farming

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Sandeep Kedar
Dr. Altaf Mulani


The coming of Web of Things (IoT) innovation has changed each part of daily existence for the typical individual by empowering knowledge and insight in all things. An organization of things that self-designs is alluded to as the Web of Things. Horticulture creation is changing day to day because of the advancement of Astute Shrewd Cultivating, or IoT-based devices that further develop farming as well as make it more productive and squander free. The purpose of this project is to propose an IoT-based framework for checking the nature of the soil, water, and air for pomegranate cultivating. This framework will help ranchers by giving them constant information on soil dampness and temperature for viable ecological observing, which will expand their general yield and item quality.

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