IOT Based Smart School Bus and Student Monitoring System

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Bhanudas Gadade
A O Mulani


In the ever-evolving landscape of education and technology, ensuring the safety and efficient management of school transportation has become a paramount concern. This project presents an innovative solution, an IoT-based Smart School Bus and Student Tracking System, leveraging the power of ESP32 microcontroller, GPS module, RFID reader, RTC module, LCD display, and Google Sheets integration. The proposed system aims to enhance the safety and accountability of students during their transportation to and from school by providing real-time monitoring and tracking capabilities. The ESP32 microcontroller serves as the central processing unit, orchestrating communication and data exchange between the various components of the system. The GPS module enables accurate and continuous tracking of the school bus's location, allowing parents, school administrators, and relevant authorities to monitor its real-time position. Additionally, the system utilizes RFID technology to uniquely identify and track students as they board and disembark the bus. Each student is assigned a RFID card that communicates with the RFID reader, providing a seamless and automated attendance tracking mechanism. To ensure reliable timekeeping, a Real-Time Clock (RTC) module is incorporated, synchronizing the system time and enabling precise logging of events. The system also includes an LCD display, which serves as a local interface, providing real-time information such as bus location, current time, and any relevant announcements. Furthermore, the integration with Google Sheets facilitates the creation of a centralized database for storing and analysing student and bus data. The system automatically updates Google Sheets with information such as student attendance, bus location, and timestamps, providing a comprehensive and accessible record for school administrators and parents. The proposed Smart School Bus and Student Tracking System offer benefits such as improved safety, enhanced efficiency in attendance tracking, and streamlined communication between school authorities and parents. The use of modern IoT technologies ensures a scalable and adaptable solution that can be customized to suit the specific needs of different educational institutions. This system represents a step forward in leveraging technology to create a safer and more efficient school transportation environment.

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