Hr Perspective on Cross-Cultural Employee Participation

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Dr. B.R. Celia
Dr. S. Helen Roselin Gracy
Dr. V. Vijayalakshmi
Dr. S. Vimaladevi
Dr. U. Kavitha


A cross-cultural setting is the focus of this research, which intends to investigate employee engagement. Companies are required to have an understanding of the cross-cultural differences that exist among their workforce. The importance of cross-cultural employee engagement in encouraging creativity, productivity, and overall performance is being more recognized by businesses in the context of a corporate world that is becoming increasingly globalized. A healthy organizational structure may be created by gaining an understanding of the many cultures that exist in the world from a global viewpoint. This understanding also helps strengthen intercultural abilities. It is necessary for the workers to be aware of both the benefits and the drawbacks associated with cross-cultural work. The engagement of employees guarantees that the cross-cultural differences are acknowledged and preserved in each and every business by means of appropriate training and functional competence.

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