AI-Powered Innovation: How Entrepreneurs Can Leverage Artificial Intelligence for Business Success

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Tran Minh Tung
Vo Thi Kim Oanh
Tran Thi Kim Cuc
Duong Hoai Lan


This paper explores the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications in driving business success for entrepreneurs. Methodology: A multi-methodological approach is employed, including a literature review, case studies, and expert interviews. Findings: The paper examines key areas where AI can be leveraged, including automation of tasks, data-driven decision making, personalized customer experiences, and innovation in product development. While acknowledging the challenges of cost, expertise, and ethical considerations, the paper showcases the substantial benefits of AI integration. Real-world case studies demonstrate how entrepreneurs can utilize AI tools and strategies to achieve business growth. Original Value: This research aims to provide entrepreneurs with a comprehensive understanding of AI applications and empower them to adopt this transformative technology for competitive advantage.

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