Methodology of Development of Programming Skills in Mathematical Systems in Students Based on Computer Simulation Trainers

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Imamova Shafoat Mahmudovna


: In the current situation of rapidly developing digital technologies, advanced pedagogical and modern information and communication technologies, which include new approaches to teaching, are being put into practice in higher education institutions. In the current scenario of training mature specialists for the field of applied mathematics, adequate teaching of working in mathematical systems and programming is one of the main goals of the educational process. The process of teaching the science of computer mathematical systems through simulation-trainer in higher education institutions is the process of forming the professional competence of students to develop their skills of working with mathematical systems, and in the process of working with the functions of mathematical systems, their interaction with the subjects of professional activity. aimed at riding. It is an urgent issue to improve students' professional skills by developing programming and working skills in the Maple program. Development of students' programming skills in Maple and improvement of their professional competencies through a computer simulation-trainer should be carried out in accordance with the requirements of regulatory documents (SES, qualification requirements, training programs).

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