“India’s Aspirations of Leading the Knowledge Economy through Education”

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Pankaj Saini
S. B Sawant
C. R. Suryawanshi
Nilash R. Mate
Shital S. Sawant
D. D. Mhetre


To lead the information economy, India's ambitions depend heavily on management education. The availability of skilled workers and the necessary skill sets are critical to the Indian economy's ability to compete globally and create jobs. In order to satisfy the corporate sector's desire for qualified human resources for seamless company growth and development, India has seen a rapid increase in the number of institutions spread across its several States. The objective of this research is to identify the main factors of education which needs to be addressed and improved. The concern is that majority of institutions have been found to struggle for filling their intake of students and for meeting concern of industry regarding low level of employability of students. This is a review paper which have identified main flaws in higher education industry i.e. Low level of student’s employability, incompetent faculty employed due to lack of resources and low level of research, obsolete syllabus, lack of industry orientation and foreign collaborations with academic Institutions, Focus on creating job seekers not on job creators, FDI, lack of serious players in education sector etc. 

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