Analysis of the Impact of Energy Losses in Operating Components on the Performance of Hydraulic Mining Excavators

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Zhuraev Akbar Shavkatovich
Turdiyev Sardorjon Abdumunivich
Khamroev Sherzod Gulmuratovich
Sayfiev Javohir G'iyoz o'g'li


The use of hydraulic excavators in open pits has a high force effect on the teeth of the bucket, reduces the operating cycle compared to mechanical excavators by 15-18%, which in turn increases operational efficiency by 30-35%. The hydraulic system is the mechanism that performs the excavation period of the hydraulic excavator, the period of bucket rise, the period of torsion of the loaded bucket, the period of loading, the period of torsion of the unloaded bucket, the period of unloading the bucket. Its optimal performance depends on the design of the hydraulic equipment, the technical condition of the hydraulic excavator and the working environment.

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