Influence of Mineral Fertilizers, Soil Structure-Formers and Herbicides on the Growth of Forest Crops on Mountain Slopes of the Chatkalk Ridge in Uzbekistan

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B. Kh.Mamutov
E. A. Butkov
Ch. X. Ulugov
J. G. Temirov
R. M. Bakhramov


The article presents the results of research on the study of the effect of the complex use of mineral fertilizers, structure-forming agents and herbicides on the growth of the main forest-forming species in a hot and dry climate on the mountain slopes of the Chatkal ridge. The dynamics of the growth of forest crops over the years under the influence of mineral fertilizers, structure-forming agents "CMC" and "Polymeliorant" and the herbicide "Uragan forte", as well as their influence on the formation of soil structure and the intensity of its water permeability, are outlined.

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